How to install ICS on your Samsung Galaxy S

With its more than 12 million users worldwide, the Galaxy S (GT-I9000) by Samsung is one of the most popular devices running Google’s Android operating system. Released in 2010, SGS received numerous Android update from the Korean consumer electronics giant including two major jumps from Eclair, to Froyo to Gingerbread. As Google releases its latest update to its mobile operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich), it gives millions of Android users a reason to love their devices even more because the said update is the most advanced just yet. Late last year, however, Samsung announced that they will not include the mighty Galaxy S in their line of devices to receive the taste of the latest Android update because of hardware limitation of the device which, according to them, may not work well with their proprietary UI layer – Touch Wiz. The news caused millions of users to express their disappointment to Samsung as many of them are still locked in for months more.

A number of developers are spending time  working  to have the latest update to the mobile operating system supported by as many devices as possible including the SGS, of course. Something that its millions of users not to worry about Samsung being reluctant to support ICS on the device. The result? Lots of custom ROMs that Android users can choose from.

Recently, One Cosmic rolls out its latest stable build of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3). Dubbed as ICSSGS RC4.2, this update fixes some issues from the previous versions and more likely the most stable one from One Cosmic yet.  To install ICSSGS RC4.2, you need to first have your phone rooted. Here are the steps:

  1.  Download the ICS zip file here and put the file in your SD card.
  2. You may backup your current ROM so you can restore it anytime you want.
  3. Reboot your device in ClockWorld Recovery Mod.
  4. As soon as your on the recovery mod screen, select the option that says something like “Install zip from sd card”.
  5. Select “choose zip from sd card”.
  6. Wait until the installation of the new ROM is complete. Your device will automatically reboot.

You may find complete information on how to flash ICS on your Galaxy S,  here. Install it at your own risk.


Here are some of the screenshots taken from my Galaxy S after installing RC4.2 from One Cosmic.

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